Food Retail

For more than 20 years, I have been involved in the development of internationally operating food retailers.

During this time, I have acquired expertise in the entire value chain, from farm to customer/consumer.

Integration of Sustainability with Food Retail

As Director Corporate Responsibility I was able to drive sustainability in the grocery business, responsible for

  • Strategy (materiality assessment, impact assessment, customer survey, sustainability strategy)

  • Reporting (CR report, audit, IT system implementation, definition of commitments, targets, KPIs, creating transparency, progress measurement, investor questionnaires)

  • and the climate target (goal setting and implementation, science based target)

Sustainability in the supply chain meanwhile moved more and more into the focus of my activities.

Integration of Sustainability with Finance

20 years of Corporate Finance & Controlling have been a focus on only one pillar of sustainability, on creating transparency and positive impact on the financial result.

The change to Corporate Responsibility allowed me to expand my positive impact to environmental and social issues.

After 8 years of sustainability, I now offer a combination of the best of both worlds and am happy to assist with quantification and monetary valuation, enabling the opening of awareness in the CFO department, where this has not yet been achieved by regulation or investors.


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